Case Studies of Success: How Two Schools Benefited from E-rate

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Case Studies of Success: How Two Schools Benefited from E-rate

E-rate  does  more  than  provide  discounts  to  cut costs for schools and educational centers. It gives these  institutions  access  to  service  providers  that can greatly enhance connectivity and productivity.Here are two case  study examples of success that you can experience if you take advantage of the e-rate program.

Located in Atlanta Georgia, Marietta City Schools needed an upgrade to their system to support their rapid bandwidth growth, with 14 sites, 8000 students and 1200 employees.The fractured network that they currently utilized was not keeping up with the school’s needs-  which  led  to  slow  productivity  amongst  workers  and  disconnected  students.Through the open bid process, the school connected with Zaya to augment the network infrastructure  with  Ethernet  equipment.  The  change  accelerated  bandwidth  speed tenfold.  Furthermore,  the  company  implemented  fiber  cables  that  will  make  future upgrades easier and cheaper. Thus, thanks to e-rate this school increased productivity amongst the staff, initiated long term savings and enhanced communication connectivity amongst their constituents.

Another great story to highlight is that of Perspectives Charter schools. This client had a large educational  network that included 5 schools serving 2300 students where 90% qualify for free or reduced price meals. The school needed to upgrade its communication network to ensure efficient administrative flow and implement communication channels for public safety emergencies. The current infrastructure was so outdated that IT staff members  would  spend  hours,  sometimes  days   to  with  visiting  technicians  during maintenance. This was cumbersome and whats more, it limited capabilities for working on multiple or other pending projects. Like Marietta, the charter school went through the open bid process and connected with Cisco.  The company was able to transition the schools communication system to cloud and create a more integrated system. One of the immediate benefits is that “Perspectives’ IT team no longer needed to wait with external technicians…saving  hours  every  month”.  Furthermore  staff  efficiency  was  greatly enhanced.

Both of these stories are key models of success that comes with being a part of the e-rate program. Leverage this opportunity today.


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