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3 Places to Find Information on E-rate program

E-rate USA aims to be a centralized location for resources, advice and guidance on the E-rate program. As a leading company in this space, we connect with many players to support our clients. Here are 3 great places to find great insights on the E-rate program.

  1. Government Websites The FCC is definitely a starting point for understanding the E-rate program, its benefits and resources for applying. The federal communications commission  is  the  final  authority  on  the  program  and  issues  the  filing  forms  for applicants  and  services  provides.  Their  website  includes  headline  archives  on  the subject,  forms  for  use  and  other  informational  resources.  The  US  Department  of Education is another resource to consider because it outlines all schools currently funded under the program. Check out the following pages:
    ·         FCC
    ·         US Department of Education
  2.  Non  Profits Non-profit  centers  are  always  great  points  of  references  for government related discount programs. While many will turn to the National Education Association or local library networks, the most comprehensive hub for anything related to  the  E-rate  program  is  the  USAC. The  Universal  Service  Administrative  Company (USAC)  “is  an  independent,  not-for-profit  corporation  designated  by  the  Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as the administrator of universal service. They help ensure  access  to  affordable  telecommunications  for  communications  across  the country”.  Their  website  has  the  most  comprehensive  step  by  step  outline  for  the application process that both applicants and providers can leverage. Other resources include forms, tools, informal webinars, news updates, trainings and outreach events. Check out their website here:http://www.usac.org/sl/
  3. Consultants  For  many,  the  application  process  for  the  E-rate  program  is  a daunting task and the right consulting company can make the experience a whole lot easier. E-rate USA is a great resource. If you would like additional alternatives, search for local e-rate consulting firms based on your zip code. Though we cannot vouch for the services of any firm, we will acknowledge that E-rate Central has a great database of information on the E-rate program.  Some of the information provided on the site a restate specific resources, e-rate forum, application tips, form downloads, and up to date news archives. Check out their website here http://e-ratecentral.com/
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